Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Without a Struggle, There Can Be No Progress

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress."  ~Frederick Douglass

I only have 28 workdays left and 43 days before I leave Portland. When I made this decision, I knew it wouldn't be an easy process to pack up my life and move across the world. As I close this chapter of my life, I am finding it a little more difficult to let go of my Portland life than I thought it would be. I love this city and I have some amazing friends here. My return ticket is booked for Portland and I am storing all of my stuff here, but my biggest fear is that I won't have a life to return to in this city.

My life is in limbo and I don't really feel like I belong anywhere right now. As much as I don't want to say good-bye and leave the City of Roses, I hate this feeling of being a temporary visitor. I am getting antsy for December 23. However, this extra time is important and has allowed me to check things off my list. I booked my traveler's insurance last week, canceled my car insurance, posted more items on Craigslist and secured my storage unit (Erin's house.) I swear my to-do list keeps growing, but I am slowly working my way through it.

Although I have some sad and stressful days, I need to focus on the adventure ahead. I need to come to terms with the fact that life will go on without me in Portland.  As their lives move on, so will mine. 2011 is going to be a year of adventure and new experiences! So instead of missing the things I can't have in Portland, I must focus on the amazing things that are "down under".

My life = A Work in Progress

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